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1973 Bracelet – Moio x Prinkshop

Sale price$50.00

Moio and Prinkshop unite in a shared commitment to transformative impact through art and design.

Moio, with its roots in Zimbabwean craftsmanship, brings forth traditioanlly crafted accessories, empowering local artisans, especially women who have faced rape, abuse and discriminations.

Prinkshop, a powerhouse for social change, specializes in crafting provocative product designs that drive awareness, enrollment and sales.

In this collaboration, Moio's artisanal expertise blends seamlessly with Prinkshop's commitment to wearable social advocacy campaigns. The result is a fusion of meaningful design and purpose-driven impact. The collaboration not only crafts visually captivating stories but also sparks conversations and raises funds for impactful causes.

1973 Bracelet – Moio x Prinkshop
1973 Bracelet – Moio x Prinkshop Sale price$50.00