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The Checkerboard Pastel

Sale price$35.00

The Cheka bracelet takes the iconic design of The Checkerboard and elevates it to a whole new level of boldness and sophistication.

The Inspiration: Checkerboard accessories have an undeniable cool factor and timeless appeal. The classic pattern, with its alternating squares, carries a sense of rhythm and balance that draws the eye. It's a visual representation of contrast and unity, making it a style choice that effortlessly stands out while harmonizing with various looks.

Styling: For an edgy and sophisticated look, we recommend pairing the Cheka bracelet with other geometric designs. Mixing and matching different geometric patterns adds depth and dimension to any outfit. The key is to balance the intricacy of the patterns by choosing pieces with a consistent color palette. 

The Checkerboard Pastel
The Checkerboard Pastel Sale price$35.00