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The Evelyn

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The Evelyn bracelet is a tribute to one of the remarkable women who has inspired Moio, Gogo Evelyn. Evelyn has not only supported her family through her craftsmanship, she serves as a mentor to the future generation through her work with the women in Project Moio.

The Meaning: The Evelyn is a celebration of Gogo Evelyn, her talents and commitment to the preservation of her artistic traditions as she passes them down to our younger beaders. 

Note from the Founder: "Gogo Evelyn's unwavering spirit and determination have been an inspiration to us all. We wanted to create a piece that pays tribute to her incredible legacy and the legacy of all the women who have supported their families through their creativity and hard work."

Styling: When you need an extra boost of confidence, let the Evelyn bracelet be a reminder of the remarkable women who have paved the way for generations of artisans to come. 

Color:Deep Teal; Red; White
The Evelyn
The Evelyn Sale price$35.00