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The Linea Kubatana

Sale price$35.00

The Linea Striped Beaded Bracelet is inspired by our love of stripes. With its clean lines, this bracelet truly bridges the gap between contemporary fashion and Shona artistry. 

The Meaning: The Linea striped beaded bracelet is a celebration of the 'less is more' concept of living, representing the perfect balance between modern style and timeless elegance. 

Note from the Founder: "Minimalism is not just a design philosophy but a way of life that encourages us to focus on what is truly important. The Linea is a reminder that true beauty lies in simplicity and that we can create simply yet powerful pieces that stand the test of time."

Styling: The Linea's minimalist design makes it the perfect layering piece. Wear it with other bracelets to create a bold and unique statement

The Linea Kubatana
The Linea Kubatana Sale price$35.00